Now before I get into the points is I used to pay really big money for leads. When I did that it was not if I would call them‚ that discussion just never came up. I find it rather funny that you will spend a lot of time cultivating them by your content‚ but you won’t take the time to call? That just doesn’t make sense.

Okay maybe you didn’t pay $50 a head‚ but hey you did pay for the ad‚ or you did spend the time creating the content‚ so if they include their number why not?

1-    Calling leads is still important because by calling people‚ you gain more trust from your prospects.  — People get to know you more by calling them

2-    If they gave you their number they are expecting a call!  — It is not about you it’s all about them!

3-    They are grateful when you call – If you did the first part right‚ the content!

4-    Simplest most productive thing you can do in your business!– If money is your main concern!

5-    Online doesn’t mean don’t call! the power of combining the online methods and lead generation techniques with a phone call worked wonders

6-    Be Unique!  — We don’t live in a perfect world‚ and it’s very hard to get people to sign up to your business without you having to do anything.

7-    If you don’t your competition will! — Most people that do call get a much higher rate of return!

8-    Never underestimate the power of your telephone 

9-    #1 secret about calling your leads is about calling them when they are FRESH

10- They are really looking for something‚ you are doing a disservice to them to not help them! If we come into it with a desire to help‚ and not that we have to have a sale we will find them to be pleasant!

Stop being afraid of calling‚ make it about them‚ not about you!

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