things that bring people in

1- a good title that gets their eyes and attentions
Be specific and to point!

2- Emoticons but within reason
Make sure it doesn’t detract and keep it from being readable.. don’t make them the only thing there.. and the content is actually empty.. I have some people doing that..
Don’t use them to make it hypy!

3- Be generous with Hearts..
to give hearts tap tap tap the screen
Its always appreciated by the broadcaster
And its noticed by other viewers
There is a 500 Heart limit.. and then to give more leave scope and come back..

4- Share the Periscopes of others if you feel they are giving good value
It does not take away from you
It makes you stand out
The broadcaster will notice and appreciate it

5- Don’t do nonsense – no content scopes
its time to walk the dog.. I am bored,
There needs to be a point or reason that you decided to do one
Let them know what you are going to talk about that will be of benefit to them!​

6- Engagement first..
Visit other scopes
Comment appropriately
Give hearts generously
Share with followers and Twitter (now can also share on Facebook)
This will increase your own followers!
Follow the live participants in scopes! Many of them will follow back.
You can also do that with Replays.
Others will be as generous as you are.. I have found nearly 100% follow back..
The more followers you have.. the more will see your broadcasts.​
Never spam in the comments (give info about your business, or ask them to follow) unless you are on a scope where they invite you to tell about your business.
There is no worry about balance.. you can follow as many as you want not sure there is a cap thus far.
You can always unfollow unresponsive nonfollowers.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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