Who On Earth Is Lynda Cromar?

First I am a woman of dreams

I believe in things the ordinary person might not. I believe in people. I am a mother of 3 grown children‚ and grandmother of 7 wonderful children.

As I am sure you can tell by the pictures I am not 20 years old! Whether you are a “Baby Boomer like me or one of the “Gen Y” or somewhere in between it doesn’t matter!

My husband Ken and I raised 3 children together and saw them go on to be productive adults. They all live in Colorado as I do and they come to see “Grandma” often!

I love to travel‚ and hang out with my family. I have been a resident of Colorado all of my life‚primarily Denver area. I love the mountains! I love the seasons‚ the fresh air‚ and the strong will and spirit of the people of my country!

I have been around network marketing for several years because I know it has the only answer to the financial disaster you and I find ourselves in! I have a passion to help people realize their dreams.

I have found the true way to make a real income from home. And now I can now share with the world what I have learned‚ and how I have grown. I have learned that success is a “learned skill.”Its not about getting lucky. Its not just for a few that get the right break.

I am a mother of 3 grown children‚
and a grandmother first.
I am a network marketing professional

I live in the Denver area of Colorado‚ and have lived in Colorado most of my life‚ except for a brief period‚ (1 year) In Indiana. I am one of the rare ones that never took up skiing! I have been married twice‚ the second time took! I am a mother of three grown children‚ two boys and a girl. My oldest and my youngest (the girl) are married happily‚ and between them they have blessed me with 7 grandchildren

I kept looking for something‚ in fact I joined the same opportunity more than once with different sponsors! Well it wasn’t the sponsors it was that it was difficult for most people to do‚ it was notduplicatable. We definitely gave it all we had. Many of the leaders of the time said it wouldn’t work and to not even try.

I guess leaders are winners and they keep looking til they have success‚ it paid off!

That is why I finally stopped‚ took a break and realized that all i was lacking was the tools and training to successfully represent my business‚ who I am‚ and what I am passionate about. I got to thinking that you wouldn’t send a carpenter out right after he got a shinny new hammer unless you first equipped him with some knowledge and tools of the trade!

So it stands to reason that is true in MLM Network Marketing as well! It amazes me how few actually get the tools‚ training and skills to actually succeed in Network Marketing. They get their dreams built up only to be dashed because they do it the wrong way! I vowed to make sure I equipped my own students and team with the right tools for the right job!

Building A Dream

Like many I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. (glad too‚ that sounds like that would hurt!) I was raised like everyone was that I knew believing that if I just get good grades and a good job I would be okay. Somehow though‚ that formula didn’t exactly equal the success that I believed in! I have always had a drive inside to be and do more. I am sure you can tell by my picture I am not 20 years old anymore‚ even though the child inside thinks she is!

On A Safari!

I have done a lot of things‚ I have done just about any profession‚ but when I found out about network marketing‚ or specifically MLM (multi-level marketing) I was hooked. You know I didn’t have to see a spreadsheet to understand the power of what that could do for a person. But like everything in life‚ I am discovering there is a learning curve involved. Its not one of those things “business in a box” that all you have to do is open it up and like magic its all there.

There have been many challenges along the way. One thing I guess I definitely have is a “don’t quit” attitude. I also have a mentality that there is a way and all I have to do is find it! That probably dates back to something about me I love puzzles! I love figuring things out‚ which can be both a good thing and a bad thing‚ let me explain that‚ good because I usually do figure out‚ bad because I can waste a lot of time in the process!

What Do I Offer?

I believe I bring a unique perspective to the business. Even though I am not the GenXYZ or whatever that is‚ I am not the typical “Babyboomer!” I am very progressive in my marketing techniques and I bring creativity and the wonder of a child! I love puzzles remember? I believe in finding out what works and then implementing that to my network marketing business‚ so therefore I can help others do the same!  I don’t believe in the “too young‚ or the “too old theory. ” I believe anyone no matter who they are can do this successfully. And I just believe in people. Since I have not lost my ability to trust‚ many find themselves trusting me!

And‚ finally‚ if you are looking for a primary Network Marketing business to start and succeed with‚and you want a sponsor you can count on‚ I would love to talk “shop” with you about my business

<img To Your Abundant Success!!

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