Absorb Useful Discard What Is Not Useful!

Here is what I know..

I have been around a long time..

Reason why I am still here and not quit and gone..

Is I learned that to get crazy about a business.. does not create longevity..

Heck to tell the truth I have seen more businesses fail just watching and sometimes being in them.. than I can count on all my fingers and toes!

So what keeps me going?

I know I am only as good as the kind of value I can share (Value is not your business)

I know that I am only able to do that if I am constantly learning and growing..

I know the real secret to longevity is to have a vision.. (not crafted by any mlm company but mine)

Know that all mlm or Affiliate companies only have one objective to sell!

The way to win is to build the brand (personal) and the list..

The tired old techniques and strategies of 1985

Just do not work in our fast-paced 24 hour world..

People want convenience not time-consuming stuff..

Like there is a company I used to be associated with that had 3 – 4 hour webinar hangouts.. lol that just is not something most people will spend time doing!!

People are on the internet because they are looking for easier, faster and more modern ways to do business!

And whether you want to accept it or not..

They do not want to be contacted on the internet..

Only to be brought to a hotel meeting or a coffee shop!

That is just not congruent!!

Be honest with the people you talk to!!

Give them realistic expectations!!

And don’t contact them on the internet, and social media..

So you can meet up at a coffee shop!

This is 2015

Adjust and get better..

Build the following that wants to hear from you..

And then and only then share what you do with them.. that is how to win..

That is why I share tools and training and not mlm’s!

That is my brand.. I am a teacher and trainer


To Your Abundant Success!!

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