The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.   ~~  Frank Lloyd Wright ~~~

Belief is the strong first ingredient that either gets you started the direction of your dreams or gets you going down the failure road. What exactly is belief. Belief is made up of all of those thoughts bouncing around inside your head every day.

Be careful what you declare out loud! When you say something out loud it almost certainly does happen. Have you ever been in an accident where the very last thing out of your mind was “Oh‚ I am going to hit that car!” I had an accident a few years ago now in December‚ that was really serious‚on some ice car went out of control‚ I started fishing around‚ getting closer and closer to this van.

I just had this very strong feeling there were kids inside‚ I would want to do anything I could to avoid hitting it. My main thought right before: If I could get to the side and stop. Unfortunately the ice and the car had other ideas‚ I didn’t hit the car‚ I did hit a brick wall. But the object of this story‚ is I made up my mind I was not going to hit the van‚ and I didn’t. Nor did I hit another car!

I’ve had many times when I thought bad thoughts about outcomes I didn’t want. And I got really obsessed with those‚ and guess what it happened almost exactly by the way I thought they would.

Well‚ that led me to realize over time that if I could believe something bad and it happened‚I could just as easily believe something good just as strongly. It took some changes over a period of time‚ but now more good things happen than the bad.

I do not ever dwell on all the bad things that could happen‚ and if something does‚ I usually start right away planning how to turn it around to the good. It works give it a try.

One thing I did nearly two years ago‚ when constantly failing in business‚ is start saying out loud‚ “There has got to be a way to succeed at this! I know there is‚ and I will find it. And my mind found the way‚ it took some time‚ but it did.

To Your Abundant Success!!

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