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MLM is Defined by us

Beware! You Might Be Damaging Your MLM With Old Patterns!

Wow, I am sure you are wondering what I mean by that! I had an experience yesterday that made me aware that I still have some of those patterns lurking inside of me. And I felt it to be very important to share what I have found with you.

We have to be careful and be aware of our old patterns creeping in when we build our business they may not even seem odd to us, because they are like a comfortable old shoe. Those patterns can damage our mlm business.

I go into that more fully in this video today:

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When I turned 50 I became aware that I was skating through life and not really planning my life. And I was definitely not living full-out, in fact truth be known I was hiding the fact from myself that I was a ticking bomb waiting to go off! My mother had to come live with us because she didn't have any way to care for herself as she got sicker and older.. That is when I got really serious about my own future, I did not want to relive my mother's life! I came on the internet seeking answers, I got a lot more than I had bargained for! I learned how to use Facebook and other Social Media, to literally play and make money, now I teach others to do the same!

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