You are hearing all the noise about Bitcoin!

If you look at the graphic above it will give you a good idea what it is and what it does..

For me it is a way to escape from a Multi-Trillion Dollar Monopoly that has controlled all of our lives for way to long and I am referring to the Central Banking and Fed which owns all world currency and can decide what we get.

They have crashed economies, caused wars.. and brought down whole governments.. Believe me they are not our friends!


Bitcoin Is Going Mainstream!


A private bank in Switzerland is offering its clients services to help them better manage their bitcoin holdings.

Falcon Group announced today that it is launching the product, one aimed specifically at allowing customers to buy and hold bitcoin with their traditional accounts. The services are being offered in partnership with Bitcoin Suisse AG, a bitcoin brokerage founded in 2013.

Arthur Vayloyan, global head of products and services for Falcon, said in a statement: (read all of the article)

So what is the solution?

You can’t just make a sudden switch.

You can create a hedge.. by slowly moving some of your savings into Bitcoin. I have two solutions below

If you can invest a little more starting with $50 Then Review this

If you can start as low as $20 Review this

I have both because they both have different advantages 🙂


To Your Abundant Success!!

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