I used to wonder why someone didn’t put people under me in my Primary MLM> Now I am glad‚ because no one but me can say I built my business‚ except those partners that decided to work along side me and build their dream too! ~ Lynda Cromar

I hate to break it to you but there is not free to join‚ push button business. Yes I know you see those ads. But lets be honest here‚ there is a cost whether its money or time. To truly build a business that is real and will pay you forever you have a certain amount of “investment”you must put in.


I went recently to Las Vegas to a convention‚ and I couldn’t help noticing the stark contrast between those who gamble and those who create their own future through business. So here is what I have to share:

Building Yourself

First as we build our own personal strengths and skills‚ we build our own business as we go. It was the late great Jim Rohn that said that we must grow ourselves as we grow our business.

This is a truth that everyone must come to embrace. Another stark contrast I saw in the conference is no one was hungrily pitching their business from stage.

They were giving real honest assessments of what it took to succeed‚ and the journey they traveled to get there. And while I love all the stories how can you benefit from that?

No Free Lunch

I have gone to many luncheon type business meetings‚ but there really is a price to be paid and its either in your time or money.

So the next time you see a hypy e-mail or post on Facebook‚ realize that just as you have not been sucked into believing that all you have to do is set up a great website‚ and sit back and wait‚ so also must you realize‚ you have to be willing to invest yourself in the process.

Your Own Unique Journey

No two stories are exactly alike. The main thing though‚ is not whether we travel the same exact path‚ but that we realize we are on a journey to learn and grow as we go.

When we“arrive at the destination” we will find we have just arrived at a new path. But we must follow our own path‚ those who fail are those who just didn’t get that it is a journey‚ and not a destination.

To Your Abundant Success!!

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