First of all make sure and go back and read the other two posts that go with this one to get the most out of it. In part one I discussed why I believe it is so important to call or in some way contact your leads. In Part two I discussed some easy ways to get started being in contact with your leads Today we will discuss how to understand who your prospect or lead is.

Not Every Lead Becomes Your Prospect!

Just because someone responds to your link doesn’t actually mean they are a prime prospect yet. They first become a suspect! In other words you know they are at least curious‚ and that May be all.

You don’t yet know if you can help them. So the phone call is all about finding out if they are looking for what you have. You are not there in the initial phone call to get them to look at your product or service. You are there on a fact-finding mission! Until you establish their real reason for coming into yourlead-list you are not ready to move any farther with them.

And it’s key here to realize that many of them are not looking for what you have. Most leads get numerouse-mails daily. When a real live person calls them‚ particularly when the purpose of the call is to offer help (not ask if the lead had a chance to check out their web site)‚ they are surprised‚ pleased‚ and their salesman alarms stop going off.

Not everyone will become a prospect‚ actually most won’t‚ but you never know which people will. So‚ you treat all of your leads with dignity and respect and a heart to offer them help‚ not to reel them in.

Direct Them To The Solution To Their Problems

The next step is to give them some clear direction. That is after all the real reason that they clicked on your link and gave you their number. They were not‚ however‚ looking for your MLM so this is generally not the time to pitch your business.

It is good if you actually have a free tool‚ or system‚ that was the initial capture devise like I have. Most of the time‚ they are looking for an answer to getting more people in their own business‚ and it’s not your job to convince them to look at yours! And lets get it straight it is your job to uncover their needs‚ and their pains. Most people in the industry have been struggling and have no clear direction.

Sift And Sort Like An Interviewer!

If you were an interviewer for an employment opportunity‚ you wouldn’t be begging them to look at your link! You would be asking questions that help you to see if they qualify for your business! When you do that‚ you have a totally different posture.

For me not everyone even qualifies to look at my business‚ and I am not afraid to tell them‚that they May not be a good fit. Now think about that‚ if you say they May not be what you are looking for‚ they are now going to tell you why they qualify for your time‚ instead of you convincing them to look!

Have Pride In What You Have!

If you believe in your product or service that it’s so good you never have to beg someone to look at it‚ you come across in a totally different posture‚ than when you are all about stuffing them into your company! Today‚ the commonthought-pattern is to “throw up” on people all the whole thing about your company and product‚ but generally that is way too much information. When you have established that they are qualified to look then the next step is…

Give Them Assignments See Whether They WillFollow-Through!

I used to spend a lot of time chasing down people who wouldn’t even take the time to look at my short on-line presentation. Now I just don’t have the time to do that. If they are not going to take the time‚ then they are not qualifying themselves for my time. My time is valuable! At the end of the call is the time when most fall short.

It’s time to see if they really want the changes they say they wanted. Listen carefully here‚ are they making excuses‚ or are they giving you a yes. If they are making excuses‚ then they are telling you that they are not going to do what you gave them to do. I don’t have to convince them if they are not going to take that one small action that could change their life for the better.

So when we have established that I can help them‚ and I give them their assignment this is where we find out who really qualifies. And for me that assignment is to take the trial and if they are excited about it we go to the next step.

One Last Thought We are all in competition for many of the same leads every day. It is the one who actually makes a real connection with them via the phone that will probably be able to realize the end result that you want and that is the sale or new distributor.

No one ever joins an auto-responder or Robots‚ as some of my previous posts point out! And I can promise you that the fear that many are letting control you will go away if you just be yourself‚ call them to be friendly‚ and ask them questions about what their needs are in their business‚ because when you make it about them‚ your fear goes away and the pressure is off!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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