How Changing Your Words‚ Changing Your Thoughts‚ Changes Your Results!

Yesterday I talked about real success in your mlm business and what that really looks like. We make choices about how we are going to spend our time‚ I made this video during the Oscars. I often use my time learning when I am not marketing. I followed the pattern from the leaders even when I first started. I learned some skills and I often fell on my face as well. Learning the skills was a key thing I realized early was very important to my success.

Learning From Mistakes And Coming From Skill In Your MLM Business Be Okay With Making Mistakes‚ That Is Part Of The Skill Learning Processs!

When I was a child and learned to ride a bike of course they were the plain bikes with the foot pedal that did all of the work. In MLM Business models often there are older models and newer models. Just like I had to learn to ride a bike all over again I had to learn new skills once I decided to build my business via the Internet.

Change In Your MLM Business Starts With Change In You

Yesterday I talked about how important it is to take action even when there is no real process that you know in your mlm businessand being okay with making mistake as you create the skill level that you need. Today I will talk about what kind of change needs to happen to create success!

I decided to change my environment and it changed my mlm business results. Sometimes we start getting into ruts even when we are building our business. Sometimes we will not take any new roads. What is it that might be going on that might need to change in order to create success finally.

That was the question that I had to ask myself. I realized that I was not getting the results that I wanted‚ and I had to evaluate and really get down deep. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you throw out everything.

Change In Your MLM Business Starts With Change In You I Realized That There Were Things That Just Were Not Working For Me

Now this is a critical thing that I know I had to go through and I believe all have to. Many times especially now when you get started in MLM Business marketing especially on the internet‚ there is even now today a lot of controversy about what works and what doesn’t work.

In fact a lot of companies are so worried and jealous that they will not allow their distributors to try any systems or marketing even if it has been proven to work. Just recently a company terminated people for using systems that also had compensation plans.

I have to say‚ that is just plain crazy! I didn’t get into a company to become their exclusive representative. That is in my opinion no better than being in a job. It is also very risky‚ because there are no guarantees‚ and they do not offer actual marketing to the reps that are in their company so many of them are really suffering.

I vowed never to be in that place and I help others who don’t want to be there. Another company closed their doors and took everyone’s money.

So it is important in my opinion‚ to go where you have seen proven results already. If you do then you will feel assured that taking that action is going to warrant the results you seek. Understand now this is my opinion but it has been fostered on much trial and error and failure. I know what does not work for me. I also know I can create a result with the right system.

For instance‚ hammering the phones‚ and home meetings. Many still teach that‚ and it works for some people. It does not work for me. I have already made up my mind I will not do that‚ I will do what feels good and congruent to me. Does that mean I never talk to someone? No! It means that the ones I talk to have already become a team member. That is my system and it works.

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