How to Deal With MLM Overload and Overwhelm

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Everyone has times when they go through MLM Overload and Overwhelm especially when learning something new‚ today I want to arm you with some thoughts and ideas that can help you not stay there. Yesterday I got you thinking about how you can turn excuses into results.

Yesterday I talked about how someone can get to the point where they can walk away from something and do something that they want. The post before that was the MLM Secret that we can all apply!

Finally last week I talked about sound MLM Business Practices that will help you. All of these will supplement today.

Today I am going to talk to you about MLM Overload and Overwhelm or another way to put it is info overload.

Now of course we all at times have this. We get bombarded daily by e-mails with great offers. But sometimes we just have to stop and give ourselves time to absorb‚ and apply. In my photo‚ we had a party at our house and my son a very gifted Balloon Artist decided to just have fun and be silly. Sometimes just being silly and not taking ourselves so seriously can be a big relief!

Thoughts On How to Deal With MLM Overload and Overwhelm

Believe me although I have a funny picture on this post I fully get how sometimes MLM Overload and and Overwhelm can just keep you stalled‚ and I have had that experience many times. It particularly happens when you are trying to learn and apply new things. And MLM Overload and Overwhelm especially comes when we haven’t done the basic things and there was no implementation. Its also a way to keep ourselves from really doing anything because we feel comfortable with it rather than taking on something that scares us!

Key Points On How to Deal With MLM Overload and Overwhelm

  • Expect it!
  • Take on smaller pieces and apply before taking on more
  • Put on the blinders and vow not to get new courses‚ books etc until you have a comfortable understanding of what you have
  • Keep it simple! Sometimes we make thing far more complicated than it has to be!
  • Stick to the basics first!
  • Go back and learn it again sometimes we missed something!
  • Don’t skip around that diffuses your understanding
  • Ask for clarification and direction!
  • Take action there is no better way to learn!
  • Don’t wait for perfect!



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