I am just going to let the video do that talking today.. When I started out I was afraid of my own shadow! It took some courage to get past that fear and learn the skills necessary to build a business..

I did this video way back in March 2010 so it is 3 years old. But somethings never change. This is also my first chance to try out the embed from Viddler that I just got as my new hosting today.

Please pardon the quality! As you will see in my short video I was captured by my fears when I first started out in my mlm business. It was so hard for me to get up in front of people. I would stutter and flub all of my words‚ in fact‚ I often switched them around even!

They called me the “Woman From Colorado‚ Afraid of Her Own Shadow”

Would you believe that I did this first video in 2010? And would you believe that I was really nervous and afraid to do it? What fears are holding you back?

Fear Stops Dreams And Stops Your MLM Business Dead In Its Tracks And I Knew I Needed To Change My World

As you saw in the video I was afraid of everything when I first started out in my mlm business. I remember I even feared getting an interview‚ so much so that I let them paint my image‚and put words into my mouth‚ no kidding I did that! I finally got to a place where I had had enough! I went out onto the internet searching for an answer at first I thought to create a better way with the company I had.

Fear Stops Dreams And Stops Your MLM Business Dead In Its Tracks And I Was Determined To Make Mine Come True!

Our Health

I believe improving your financial health is equally important with improving your physical health. I have been in health and wellness companies‚ and they are all awesome.

It would be so completely impossible to determine why one is better than another. So for me‚when I found this new team build and I found out also that they have products that help improve the financial health‚ I was completely sold.

My Dream

My dream and vision really changed. I am not trying to get people to see my vision‚ but my vision is about not just improving my life‚ but also helping others improve theirs through financial health.

When my mother came to live with us‚ I noticed something about her thought patterns‚ that she worried all of the time‚ I mean all of the time‚ mostly about money.
When she came to find that she no longer had money worries‚ she didn’t get better‚ she got worse!

Because those worries had been her anchor for so long‚ she didn’t know how to redirect herself to more positive pursuits! In her last 3 years there are so many things that she could have been doing‚ but she wasted away watching tv.

I Saw A Need For Change

I vowed I could not live in that pattern‚ that is when things changed drastically for me.. and I changed my own patterns‚ I am still on the journey‚ but I will never forget that we affect others everyday.

What we think always translates into what we do. And even how we say something‚ reflects what is going on inside of us! My mother died in Oct of 2011.
She didn’t see that I succeeded with my quest to improve financially. She didn’t see me get better as a person‚ but I think she would like it if she knew.

And I feel a great Urge‚ to say get up and change your thinking today‚ don’t let worry and fear rule your life! Don’t let the present road blocks determine where you will go and what you will do!

To Your Abundant Success!!

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