Don’t Be A Self-Proclaimed MLM Guru or Expert

Charlie says don’t be an MLM Guru or MLM Expert Instead Become a good MLM Pointer!

Don’t Be A Self- Proclaimed MLM Guru or MLM Expert

Before you get going in this post‚ I would ask you to please Like and Tweet this‚ as this is going to shed some light on how to not be a self-proclaimed MLM Guru or MLM Expert‚I know you want your own One thing I did real early is to dig into any training I could get my hands on so that I could be better at what I did. I saw many who proclaimed themselves to be an MLM Guru or MLM expert and when I went to the kinds of training that they offered‚I found many times that they had nothing really to offer!

The Myth of the MLM Guru Or MLM Expert!

Getting back to my friend Charlie…There is one thing for sure he was an icon‚ and still is. He is because he was unique. He was just Charlie. He was trying to figure it out‚ and he let you see that he was not perfect. But somehow there is an underlying belief that you have to be an mlm guru or mlm expert when it comes to network marketing. Today I am going to bust through that myth and help you to do it in a way that is authentic.

Beware of Using The Title MLM Guru or MLM Expert!

I have pulled up a search and found 5 million pages literally for MLM Guru or MLM experts. Now I just have a question how can there be that many experts and how would one person even know how to choose? And the difficult thing is that it was in all the training that you have to become an MLM Guru‚ or MLM Expert. Which lets think about that it means that someone new‚ wet behind the ears has to come across in a most unauthentic way. And when you come across someone who represents himself as an MLM Expert or MLM Guru‚ and he really doesn’t have results‚ he has to posture or present himself in a way that really is not the truth!

Learn To Be An MLM Pointer‚Not an MLM Guru or MLM Expert

Rather than represent yourself in a way that is not true or authentic become a good MLM Pointer. Now this opens it up for even the most newest beginner on the internet. It should be a relief really to not have to proclaim yourself to be an MLM Guru or MLM Expert! I think one of the most difficult things that I see my students say is that they don’t have a story‚ they believe they have to show a big income to prove that they are worthy to help others. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When you drop the MLM Guru or MLM Expert status and decide to be an MLM Pointer‚ then you can relax that need to prove yourself! You simply become familiar with the product‚ service‚ back office‚ etc‚ and you simply give them the right direction to go! They are not going to be put off because you were helpful.

Creating The MLM Guru or MLM Expert Type Results!

In the real scheme of things‚ its not the big results that actually count‚ its getting any results and then leveraging those to get greater results! When I first got out on the internet I couldn’t say I had big results yet‚ but I went after achieving some kind of a result.

Then I could tell someone I have gotten results by doing this activity! Now as I have done that for a while those results have compounded.

And no I am not going to give you graphs and pictures of my leads (you do know those can be created in a photshop program?) What is really important is that as time goes on you become an MLM Guru or MLM Expert simply by doing the do‚ and getting the results and through time the results grow!

And one final thing on that‚ it would be totally impossible to be an expert at all of the different kind of marketing. Pick one thing you want to get really good at‚ seek out someone that you believe you would like to learn that thing from‚ and then learn it and get results.

It is totally okay if you are not saying I got 10‚000 leads blah blah. People don’t believe that kind of hype anyway! What I have learned is that it is much better to know how to direct someone to the resources that they require.

When people look up a trainer or a coach‚ the most important thing they want to know is not so much what you know‚ but are you going to help them.

That was definitely what started me on my search. They are not going to think you are authentic if you claim to be an MLM Guru or MLM Expert‚ and finally if you have to proclaim it then you are not there yet!


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