Arguments Are Human Nature‚We Believe In Our Point Of View

It seems no matter where we are or what we do‚ there are those who believe argument and proving they are right by proving the other is wrong ̵’; is the name of the game.

We just came through another scathing political election in which that is the only thing people really know how to do. I saw a conference that was all about building up people which went well until they decided to have the new candidates or Governor of California.

I am sure it was very titillating but lets be frank‚ it took the mood down to the mud. I was not interested in watching them spar‚ this was not supposed to be a political debate.

The subject came up about political negative advertising‚ they couldn’t back down‚ so most likely nothing got done.

That is what is happening in our country‚ where we live. So why do we believe that is going to help us in our own business? I saw someone on Facebook putting down a system because he believes his is better.

I don’t believe in doing that. I will give you reasons I believe in what I have‚ I won’t put down another’s to make mine look better. Negative advertising May work for a short-term‚ but generally its going to turn customers away‚ not make them come to you.

Choose positive advertising. Lead with your benefits. What do you have that is actually going to help them and solve their problems? Because people come looking for something because they want to solve a problem.

Negative advertising will get their attention‚ but it will not hold it. And in the end‚ most of them will follow someone who is leading with positive benefits that will help solve their problems.

To Your Abundant Success!!

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