It Is Essential To Take Full Responsibility For Your Success

A lot of people don’t like this word taking responsibility. They think it means they have to do things they don’t want to do! Well‚ duh‚ yes‚ that can be part of it‚ and maybe it won’t always be fun.

But here is the thing‚ until you do‚ you will never have the success in your MLM Network Marketing company unless you do. Remember that old saying “the buck stops here!”

Anyone that is truly successful lives by that. They never pass the buck onto someone or something else. I talk a lot about that in the video today.


Now I know its the way of the world to just find someone else to blame things on. Its the reason why you didn’t get what you want. Here is the thing that is really bad about that‚ if you are blaming then you are not winning.

And the more you go into that mode‚ the farther down the failure scale you fall. I love the “Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson‚ in there he talks a lot about that.

Those who are on the failure curve will look to others to blame for their failure‚those who are on the success curve will be always looking to themselves to find ways to create success‚ despite their challenges or circumstances.

Things Out Of Our Control

Of course at times things happen that we did not have any control over. Responsibility doesn’t mean taking the blame for things that others do.

If we are responsible for others‚ such as in MLM we are responsible for teaching the right things so that they will also act responsibly. It is our responsibility to make sure that they have what they need.

What is out of our control is what they do with it. I posed a question out on Facebook today:

Would you rather build with people that drive themselves‚ or with people that have to be convinced?

I think the answer is obvious but I hear people asking all the time‚ how do I get them to do… well you don’t. You can give them the tools and the training‚ but they still have to drive themselves. And boy what a pleasure it is to see them take off on their own!

Take and Give Credit

A big thing that is part of that responsibiliuty is when people do great things‚ we always let them take the credit for it. Now maybe that seems a little unfair‚ we take responsibility for what goes wrong‚ but let them take the credit‚ yes!

Why because we still will get the credit in the ways that really matter‚ building those leaders within our teams so they can fly on their own. Just as being a parent is knowing when to help and when to let go‚ so is it true in this business.

I can only help those who are ready for what I have‚ I cannot drag anyone to it. I would rather build with fewer but they are potential leaders than to build with many who never take any responsibility. When someone leaves because they can’t do that‚ then I know they have to go.

I hope that helps‚ and I did a new video for you:

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To Your Abundant Success!!

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