Even Though I Didn’t Have It All Figured Out In My Online Network Marketing I Just Decided!

How Many Times In Life‚ Do We Just Say Enough! We Decide To Change Something‚ But We Don’t Have The How Even Figured Out?

That was the case in this story‚ although its not about business‚ see if this doesn’t relate?

How Is Not As Important As The Decision To Make A Change In Life And In Online Network Marketing

When someone has a feeling of overwhelm‚ most of the time it is because they haven’t truly made a decision to go a certain direction‚ because once you have made that decision‚ you will take steps even if all the how has not made itself visible.

That has been the case in everything in my life and I know that is true for you too. That decision‚ propels you to make additional decisions‚ and take actions that will begin to reveal the what that you need to have.

If you remember from my story‚ until I made that decision‚ my life was topsy-turvyand a mess. I had to make the decision first‚ even though I was afraid of what might be behind that decision. One really key thing that I learned then‚ is that I had to stick with that decision‚ even though there were many unknowns in that process.

When I made the decision to build my business from online only I didn’t have the exact formula on how I was going to do it‚ in fact I was completely new to the internet‚ and at that time didn’t have a Facebook account.

But I made the decision‚ then I was propelled forward and took steps that have led to understanding online network marketingand being able to share that with others.

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