That Drive!

I love this picture because

I wanted to show you what it takes.

I don’t mean a drive that blows people off the road.

But if your car isn’t moving you can’t expect anyone else’s to move!

Some call it that entrepreneurial spirit. Not everyone has it and as far as I know there are not any courses that can create that in someone. There are those who will always prefer to be an employee‚ they will not let themselves step out beyond that little mold they believe they belong in. I used to believe I could “motivate” people. Now I know I can’t. You can’t put that heart inside of someone. You can sometimes awaken it‚ if its there.

How do you tell if they have it!

Well a big clue is what kind of action do they take? Its not enough to want it. You have to take action. Some are afraid to take any action because they are so afraid of failure. And in that overwhelming fear‚ they create exactly what they fear! The ones who might be nervous‚ but they take that small faith and they do it anyway. Those are the ones who have that inner flame‚ that heart. Those are the ones who have that special spirit. You will know because they come back and ask questions‚ they want to know! They pick up the phone to call you‚or they send you a message. They May have doubts‚ but they override that with that inner desire to get where they want to.

How do you know you have it?

Then of course everything always starts with you. If you are not that way‚ you cannot expect to be attracting someone like that! So first you must work on you. It always starts with that desire and inner spark inside. The “I am going to figure this out” inside. The “There has to be a way!” When you have that‚ you go looking until you find it! Its that feeling that I will not quit‚I will find a way to make it. I know I can have what I want. That is what needs to be inside.

To Your Abundant Success!!

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