If Gabby can do it….. Think of Here and the MLM Secret

Gabby Douglas Can Teach A Masterful MLM Secret!

I bet you want to know what it is! No she is not a network marketer or in any mlm but one key thing she can teach you is how to make a dream come true! And how to cash in on the MLM Secret!

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The Olympics Is Such A Fertile Ground To Create MLM Lessons On Making it Happen and This Helps Us Discover the MLM Secret!

I have seen so many people tell me that they have big dreams but they don’t quite get that it is not enough to dream‚ that is a wish. In order for a dream to become a reality there absolutely has to be action behind the words! And while I know a lot of people will keep looking for the MLM Secret the real secret is to really go for it. How can you create a success story with your own MLM Secret?

She started with a dream…. See If This Makes You Think of an MLM Secret

I am just thinking about the whole process of the Women’s Gymnastics All Around Competition I viewed last night

1 — Gabby had a dream

2 — She got herself to the right coaches

3 — She worked her butt off to be qualified

4 — She came to the Olympics

5 — She surrounded herself with people that supported her dream

6 — She executed the best she had Now here is what she didn’t have control over

1 — The Russians had a lot of errors
2 — The Japanese competitor was doing a program with less difficulty but I want you to look at this. Without
1–6 nothing would have mattered. She prepared herself then the rest of it came together — How can you apply that?

Today she will be the first Afro-American Woman in our Olympic history to win Gold. You are probably looking for the so what? It is not just network marketers that have dreams

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To Your Abundant Success!!

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