First of all there are two major things going on this week You had to be under a rock or simply out of touch with Facebook this week to not see the POWER LEAD SYSTEM offers and bonuses everywhere! And this is not another post about that because I know that either you have already decided or you have not and either way is cool.

 How I Get MLM Results And How I Compare Olympian Athleticism With The Spirit Of The Committed MLM Business Person

Now before you think I have gone bats for sure hear me out! Now this is no lie‚ I have been literally glued to the TV lately The athletes are magnificent‚ and a perfect example of how someone can apply the law of the harvest.. What do I mean by that? We do indeed reap what we sow‚ And every one of those athletes applied a great deal of effort‚  time‚practice‚ sweat and tears to get where they are now.

The MLM Olympian Who Gets MLM Results

There are really no shortcuts There is real work involved and it pays off big when you follow the pattern that they set. I personally think many have sold you short telling you that mlm results can come from little or no effort. So how can you take what you see displayed there and apply it to getting MLM Results in your business?

This is my thought pattern‚ it truly takes the an attitude of “I am going to do this no matter‚how much it takes or how long it takes..” Every one of those athletes have devoted all of their time‚ energy‚ devotion and dedication to the process of building themselves towards that ultimate goal of qualifying to come to the Olympics.

And I know actually from personal experience what that takes‚ because my daughter was in gymnastics. And it was not the typical thing where I got her involved and drove her. She saw it‚ she wanted it.

And she was being courted by coaches to be personally coached by them. If it was not for the injuries that eventually took her out of the game‚ and plaque her even today‚ we might be seeing her up there in this Olympics!

But the point was not to brag about that‚ although I am indeed very proud of her‚ but to highlight that the drive that she had to build up to excellence in her sport was something that was inside of her‚ not something I attempted to put there!

How To Be A MLM Olympian And Get MLM Results Through Aligning With One!

I have reaped what I sowed and I have built something‚ through all of the attributes I talked about above.

I have found that aligning with someone who is truly where you want to be is one of the key elements that many do not preach and therefore many fail because of that.

I had a conversation with a previous MLM Leader in a company I was in once and found that the whole organization was sold to another company‚ and it was mainly because of a misalignment with values and false leadership that truly didn’t have that person who is in your team in mind. In order to get MLM Results you must align with someone who already has the MLM Results that you want to achieve!

 I always look at those who have the same mindset As the Olympian  Are you an Olympian in spirit?


To Your Abundant Success!!

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