How DO You Get Up After Being Punched In The Gut In Your Online Business

There are many times in life and in business when things get tough and it can often feel like you just got punched right in the gut! One thing you can be sure about is every leader that you might be following has had this happen to them more than once!

  • All their distributors quit
  • Lose all of your revenue
  • Lose your job before business is off the ground
  • Personal tragedy that creates a big strain
  • Heath issues

In all of life things happen. This is an edit from a big forum post that actually got in Better Networker’s newsletter. At the time of the original writing‚ my mother was in hospice‚ and now almost two weeks later she has died and we have just finished the funeral last Tuesday.

So I did this forum post and shared my struggles not because I was asking for sympathy but because there are many if not all that go through struggles and yet they win. It takes something special to make that happen‚ so I will share here the highlights of what we discussed there.


We know there are many things that we simply don’t have control over. What we do have control over is the attitude that we have and the actions that we take.

We also know that we must still set priorities about what is important to you. In regard to my personal experience of my mom dying‚ many would just stop and quit for a long time‚and what that does for you is just keep you stuck in your painful place. Yes you must morn or take care of what is important. But don’t forget to keep your focus.

That focus must be on where you were headed before the crisis or whatever came up that threw you to the ground. We have to realize that the sting of loss is not going to go completely away‚ but getting busy and be actively pursuing your dream can make it have a lot less effect on you.

Make Sure To Not Take On Guilt

One thing I have seen many do is to take blame for things that you couldn’t actually control. Again the only thing you really have control of is your own reaction or attitude.

Your Why doesn’t really change if it is real. My mother was one of my best cheerleaders‚and if she were here right now she would have given me a pep-talk to tell me she believed in me. So if it helps‚ imagine that talk with that person that you care about‚ that they still believe in you and in your dream. That is how important it is to have that real Why.

Work Ethic

I think it is really kind of funny that we never have to bring up this topic for when you have a job‚ but we always seem to be coaching this with when you go into business for yourself.

If we gave half of the effort we did for a boss for ourselves this would not be even necessary but I have seen so many that really can’t seem to get this part.

You really do have to work like it is for someone else. Only when you start to make what you do for yourself as important or even more than when you work for a boss‚ will you see it change. There are many ups and downs in business and that is to be expected‚ but you simply have to keep going.

Quitting Is Not An Option

We hear the saying all the time “Failure is not an option” and then when they fail they fall apart. So let us change that to “Quitting is not an option.” When you are in action you don’t have time to think about how hard things are.

And when you stay in action‚ learn the right skills and keep on going‚ success starts to happen. But it always has to start from that attitude of not quitting never giving yourself a back door back to a place where you must be employed to get income.

When Your Back Is Against The Wall

Sometimes you just have to get mad! Sometimes just getting up and going even when all the odds are against you. Get your nose to the grindstone. Be addicted to your routine‚to your numbers‚ to what you must do to get there. I often get asked how much time I put in.

I have to say I do whatever it takes. Is it really do 1 hour and then you are done? Not at first! You have to take whatever it takes for as long as it takes‚ with an attitude of “Quitting is not an option‚ and I believe in myself and where I am going. And when you do that‚ it happens!

We Have The Choice

We really have a choice what we are going to do‚ and what path we are going to take. We decide who we are. We define who we are actually when we face these kind of challenges. We can be a fighter and keep going or we can accept that temporary defeat.

If we can see beyond the challenge and what we will become if we keep doing it‚ we will become a stronger person. When we quit from that temporary defeat we become a victim and we never get to celebrate becoming that hero to not only ourselves and our families but many of the people that we get to work with in business. To me that is as much part of what keeps me up and swinging as my own Why!

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