My Goals For 2010– Set in Stone!

I have learned that in order for goals to be set in stone instead of sand there must be purpose!

I know that sounds funny but how many resolutions I have set in the past that were forgotten entirely by February! Yes that is an ongoing process to actually be consistent about setting goals.

In order for a goal to be set in stone or to have substance‚ mean something and be something I actually accomplish it must be backed by purpose. I must have a reason that matters for accomplishing any goal. Its not enough to say‚ “I want to loose 10 lbs.” I must have a reason to do it that matters to me‚ or I won’t really do it!

Someone said today that its an “Inside Job!” In other words‚ working on myself all the time‚through reading‚ being mentored‚ always looking for ways to grow‚ I then start finding the core inside‚ where the real meaning lives.

No matter how much I “love” my upline‚ his reasons are not my reasons! I coached someone today that he had to find out what he was passionate about‚ what made him excited. What you do should be exciting‚ it shouldn’t be drudgery‚ if it is change what you’re doing!

Expect to have some challenges‚ but as you grow you have more ability to meet challenges. Be courageous and face challenges head on. Fear never helps you grow‚ it keeps you small.

So back to my goals:

1 ̵ Always to be on the look out for ways to help others‚ without an agenda.

2 ̵Keep my positive outlook no matter what happens

3 ̵Widen my love for people

4 ̵ Grow as a person

5 ̵ Share who I am even more!

I am sure I can find more to add to that‚ but I am still deciding what to make my focus!

To Your Abundant Success!!

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