Grow A Team Of Leaders!

How To Grow Your MLM Business By Building A Team Of Leaders! First of all you May be wondering‚ what makes one person a leader and another a follower? And what must you do to start to attract those leaders? Today I will review with you what you must do to develop yourself as first a leader yourself‚ then one who can attract leaders to you!

Network Marketing Is Not A Solo! When I first started online‚ I was convinced that I could do things solo. I did it all: Marketing training‚ education‚ learning‚ and staying on top of all the marketing trends that you should AT LEAST be looking at‚ if not implementing. Then I really took a hard look at my results‚and I realized no one was following me. I have been one who likes to get out and front and leading‚ but I was not a leader‚ yet! So for all of you that have been “solo” artists this is most especially for you today! First It’s All You! Make sure you are developing these qualities:

  1. Listen to your coach
  2. Attend every call
  3. Follow through on every step
  4. Keep your word
  5. Willing to help others
  6. Follow before you lead
  7. Encourage and cheerleader
  8. Grow and learn constantly
  9. Great Faith‚ belief and passion
  10. Be organized and consistent
  11. Share what you know
  12. Model confidence
  13. Have an attitude of “Do It Anyway” Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t do
  14. Think TEAM
  15.  Love and patience! Realize it probably will take more time than you think!
  16.  Vision Have a bigger vision and dream and always keep it there in front of you!
  17.  Believe in your team even before they believe in themselves

You must begin to live these qualities before you will see it. So many miss this but it’s one major key to success in network marketing! You must lead the charge; you must be actively doing‚ before others will begin to pick up the gauntlet! Each of these things on the list could become a topic by themselves. When you have at least begun to work on this list on yourself first then you will see it begin to manifest in your team‚ and that is when it gets really exciting!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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