What are your thoughts full of?

“If you would give yourself a rest from news-reports for 30 days you will feel much better.  Try it.

Constantly focusing on the news about the economy messes with your ability to create and makes you feel bad.

When you are feeling bad about anything you are “creating in reverse.”  You are always creating with your thoughts and your feelings about those thoughts.  Feel good ̵’; good creation. Feel bad ̵’; bad creation.

Remember what I said in Selling from the Heart: “It is better to be a boring dinner guest than an informed grump!”

“Every economic downturn causes a huge spike in network-marketing businesses.  It’s an economic law!

Now is the time to turn it on big time and get in front of more people.  Their desire for more money and well being is at an all time high.  Start punching buttons on a phone with a frenzy!”

From a talk at the Kabulis base shop in Brookfield‚ CT

To Your Abundant Success!!

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