One thing I have learned in MLM‚ its one of those big ah haaa secrets. We bring value and the information‚ give them what they want to make a decision.

Our only job is to get that decision. We don’t coax‚ beg‚ or belittle to get that decision. In fact when we do that we give away our power.

I am happy to get a no‚ it means I am done and ready to move to someone who is ready to take advantage of my offer!

Some people will not ever make a decision‚ but that is still a decision! Its not for us to try to sway them. I heard it said: we can walk beside someone up the mountain‚ but we can’t carry anyone up the mountain!

If we force someone to come into our mlm we are exerting force. They will not be productive‚we will be building a dream for them‚ we open the door to the truly motivated!

To Your Abundant Success!!

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