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And of course we are really talking about commitment so to start off here is something that can help you with your online network marketing:

online network marketing

It is only when we burn the bridge of past failures that we can look ahead and build our online network marketing to success!

Make a commitment to yourself “I am the director of my life.”

Make a commitment to yourself “I will give unselfishly to others.”

Make a commitment to yourself “I have the power to achieve greatness.”

Make a commitment to yourself “I can achieve my goals.”

Make a commitment to yourself “I can retire from poverty and lack of abundance.”

Make a commitment to yourself “I deserve great wealth.”

Make a commitment to yourself that 90 days from today “I will be financially free for the rest of my life.”

I Have A Short Video This Morning On Commitment In Online Network Marketing

It Takes Burning All The Bridges from Lynda Cromar on Vimeo.

Success In Your Online Network Marketing Business Requires Commitment

I talked about burning the bridges in my short video above. Many times I see people stalled because they are not focused on their present commitment to their business. They either put an impossible deadline on achieving the big numbers, or they let fear get in the way. But we do create what we are committed to. Actually one of the major factors to success in online network marketing is the commitment that you bring. I have to say that unfortunately, many have not really learned to be totally committed, because in the job world, we lived fat. What I mean by that is that jobs were plentiful, and if we were not happy where we were, we could quit easily and go find another, and most times we did get that other job easily, but that was then, now it has changed. We simply cannot bring that same mentality into a business.

Why Dreaming Must Go Hand In Hand With Commitment To Your Online Network Marketing

We hear all the time about setting goals and dreaming. The missing piece often is a real commitment to those dreams and goals. Now if you didn’t know commitment is an action word. In order for your online network marketing efforts to create success, you must move beyond the dream and goal stage to a commitment, a burning of the bridges of the past, and the action not for a short time but all the way to that success! And the true test to whether you are committed or not to your online network marketing is whether you do it when there is no one to monitor you, but you! The true success will be measured by that commitment level and the action that is taken because of it!

When Dreaming+Goals+Commitment+Action Are Mixed, You Have A Vision!

Your vision is more than just a strategy in your online network marketing. A vision is what you believe you can become and what you can create! It is beyond money. It is believing you can live a better life, but it is also believing that you can change the world! When you start moving beyond yourself you start to have vision! It starts with that commitment and builds from there, based on your action and you refusal to give up through the small failures as you learn new skills in your online network marketing. It comes when you reach a level of competency, and higher belief!

So Decide Today To “Burn The Ships Of Failure, And Build A New Online Network Marketing Commitment!

I leave you with this to finish it today”

* I ACCEPT full responsibility for where I am today.
* I SEEK the truth, no matter what it costs.
* I CHOOSE to DIRECT and CONTROL my own state of mind.
* I REFUSE to accept what I don’t want.
* I CLOSE my mind against all people who depress or discourage me in any way.
* I OPEN my mind to admit only what will serve me and encourage my growth.
* I DEMAND riches of every kind.
* I DETERMINE what form my riches will take, and how much.
* I KNOW the road that leads to riches.
* I CHOOSE to follow the road map that will keep me on that road.
* I CHOOSE NOT to worry about what others think, do or say.
* I CHOOSE to believe that nothing in life is worth the price of worry.
* I REFUSE all negative influences.
* I KEEP my mind busy with a definite purpose, backed by a definite plan.
* I POSSESS the Master Key that unlocks the door to Life’s bountiful riches.
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