Your Home Business It Is Not Going To Be Convenient!

Taking Action Is Not Convenient But It Is Worth It!

At the beginning of your business before it is possible to go full-time it will be tempting to make excuses and put it on the back burner because it is not convenient. I will share today some things and insight to help you push past that!

Positive Attitude Always

While it is not easy if things get crazy‚ it is important to maintain a positive attitude. People watch how you handle when things don’t exactly go the way you want. They watch how you handle when things happen that could put you in a tail-spin.

A personal experience is the recent death of my mother. I didn’t completely shelf my business but quite obviously could not do the same amount of activity that I was able to do before. I will be able to resume that activity level again next week but this week was different. With a good attitude and some planning‚ though I did not have to completely shelf the business.

Working Part-Time — Working Your Business In Pieces

At the beginning you will have to work on your business in whatever time you can find. It will require a wiliness to be inconvenienced as well as uncomfortable. It is impossible to expect it to be convenient.

I found that while my mother was sick and needed a lot of my care‚I needed to get up earlier‚ maybe sacrifice some sleep to do some of my work early before she awoke.

I was able to take that same habit and apply it to this week. You can’t neglect what is important‚ but I find that many use those things to excuse themselves from even beginning to start building a business.

They might have the attitude of when this is done then I will do it. Well there is never a perfect time‚ and if you are waiting until things are perfect it never will happen.

At the beginning‚ you will most likely still have to work at least part-time at something that brings in the immediate income and so you will have to divide your time between your (now) work‚ your family and your home business.

I can tell you right now‚ if I had waited to find a time when things were better with my mother‚ it would not have gotten easier‚ it would have gotten harder.

Sacrifice Activities That Are Not Needed

Again remember this is not about convenience. I have cancelled vacations I really wanted to go on‚ because I knew the time would come‚ and they have now‚ when I would be able to enjoy them without any guilt. Everyone’s situation is different but the principle is the same‚what can you give up or post-pone to make this possible now!

Being Organized

It is extremely important to plan your day. Don’t let your day or week get away from you! By being organized I have had a wonderful visit with my family‚ pulled off a wonderful funeral‚and still been able to do my business!

Being Flexible

Of course it is very important to note‚ that my activity level during this week was reduced from a normal week because of those special things.

For instance‚ I planned ahead and did extra last week and Monday‚ so that Tuesday‚ the day of the funeral‚ was exclusively devoted to that and to being with family.

That is how you plan and be flexible and still get the important things done. If you have something special coming up‚ then well in advance‚ at least a week or two‚ rev–up your activity and even plan blog posts and videos ahead of time‚ so that you will still be present during that absence.

The people that see your content won’t have to know that it was written a week earlier. The blogs can be scheduled so that they post while you are gone. There are free services that also have scheduled postings. You can still be active without always being present!

Typically‚ most people actually slow down and don’t have much activity even a whole week in advance‚ and that is a failure attitude! If you do that you will tank your business‚ and have to start all over again.

Planning Ahead

Every day before I begin‚ I write out my goals for the day. I make sure the top priority tasks are at the top of the list. That has served me well‚ all through the nearly 4 years of caring for my mother and the funeral this week‚ now after creating that habit‚ it makes it even easier to do what I have to do‚ without neglecting my business or my family!

MLM Business Is Never Convenient Build Anyway!

I recorded this earlier at the end of last year‚ but it is still valid today

Most of the time‚ I have struggled with a concept and then when I get it I want to share it‚ this was the case here. So much of the time we let life get in the way.

Well we do want to realize that life will always be there. Things will always happen and there is not magical perfect and convenient time to get started.

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