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How And Why You Need To Use A Journal For Business It Is An 
Ingredient Of Success

 always say, keep a diary and someday it’ll keep you. ~ Mae West


Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. ~ Jim Rohn


Take time to gather up the past so that you will be able to draw from your experience and invest them in the future. ~ Jim Rohn


How And Why You Need To Use A Journal For Business It Is An Ingredient Of Success

What Is A Journal 

Jim Rohn talked a lot about keeping a journal of every day. Gathering the past to help build a better tomorrow, well that is nothing more than a discipline and it is as important as any of the other disciplines. What we think about and what we write has more power over us than anything else. If we write it, we are even more likely to put it into practice. Do you plan your day on paper before you start your day? I find that helps create a serious focus on what is most important to accomplish.

How And Why You Need To Use A Journal For Business It Is An Ingredient Of Success

What Is A Business Diary or Journal?

To keep a business journal, is simply a matter of preference and convenience on what you decide to do it with. It can be a fancy journal, or it can be a steno, or it can be a word document. The most important thing is creating the discipline and taking action on it daily. It should not just be the complaints about what is not right though, make sure it actually helps you build what you want!

How And Why You Need To Use A Journal For Business It Is An Ingredient Of Success

What Should You Record In Your Journal?

It is very important to stay focused on what tasks need to be accomplished each day in order to accomplish your goals and dreams. One thing I have found is, to keep my focus and to keep distractions to a minimum I must have a written record that helps me.

Everyday I record the things I want to accomplish and the things that I have. I have now created a system that works. Some like to do it online, I have tried that and found I have to use good old-fashions paper and pen.

I have what some would call a day book. I start a new sheet of paper for each day. I have the date on it. It is in a loose-leafnotebook. I write my projected goals across the top. Then I have a running list of things to accomplish (keep short and concise). Then I have after that specific things I must do today. Then in the space left is notes on calls and other contacts. When I go back, I can see what I did and who I talked to.

How And Why You Need To Use A Journal For Business It Is An Ingredient Of Success

A Particial List Of Things To Record

Daily Plan Of Action:

To Do List
Check List
Goals and Dreams
New Ideas
Personal Development
Observations of things that have happened.
If something needs to be changed, a plan of action to follow for the future
Record of the Journey!

How And Why You Need To Use A Journal For Business It Is An Ingredient Of Success

Journaling Can Have A Powerful Effect On Your Business

It may seem like a small thing to keep a journal but it can have a very powerful effect on your results. Instead of wondering what happened on any given day you will have a record to go back to, to track and adjust as needed. I also keep a nice journal I write in that is my thoughts and my journey. It is a good thing to have something that is going to last. My day journal is only one of my journals. I carry a small one with me.

And you might be asking why I make such a thing about this, because it works. If you are truly looking to build a better you, it always starts from the inside out! I saw in another blog someone talking about reflection. That is also an important part of this, to reflect to  observe, to grow.
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