I Stopped Selling Network Marketing To My Family And Friends! And I Am A Lot Better And Happier!

When I stopped selling my family and friends on Network Marketing‚ I started to change my posture. I stopped being desperate. I stopped believing that there was a shortage of people that really did want what I had.

You see it is definitely a change in mindset. And the funny thing is‚ as soon as I stopped chasing them‚ many of them came and wanted to look and be part of it! The funny thing I learned about selling MLM Network Marketing To My Family And Friends was‚ that is what they teach us at the beginning right?

But they teach us to do it wrong. And when we first start out we are so excited and we are throwing up all over them‚ and the only thing that we do is scare them away! We don’t really have the skills to sell Network Marketing to our family and friends! I know that is what I did how about you? I cut this quick video for you about that last night:
I Stopped Selling To My Family And Friends!

I Stopped Selling Network Marketing To My Family And Friends! And We Are All A Lot Happier!

There is no debate here that everyone hates to approach their friends and family about their MLM. And the real truth is that is one of the quickest ways to cause a lot of ugliness. Now don’t get me wrong‚ most can say that they were sponsored by a friend or family member‚ but the way we go about it now seems to be the problem. And I see many who come online doing exactly what didn’t work with sharing it with their family‚ start doing it with those new contacts that they meet online.

I Stopped Selling Network Marketing To My Family And Friends! Because Most Didn’t Have An Interest!

I think my biggest mistake in selling my Network Marketing to My Family and Friends was in thinking everyone would love it just because I would. And as I alluded to in my video above‚ I was pushy about it. I thought all of them should love my Network Marketing and the idea of being in business for themselves should appeal to everyone.

I didn’t at first understand that selling my Network Marketing to my family and friends‚ is an art and a skill! And what I came to understand is the people closest to me‚ really didn’t have an interest in being in business for themselves. I also found I got the greatest rejection from those members of my friends and family. You see I had a history with them. I didn’t have the clout I needed to convince them.

And there is the word that was the root of the problem: convince. Another quick story: I am transcribing my mother’s diaries so we can all enjoy them. I realize I especially caught my mother’s entrepreneurial spirit from her. She joined Amway back in the 70’s and 80’s. She often talked in the journal about how if only her Family and Friends would join her Network Marketing everything would start working out for her.

So When I Stopped Selling MLM Network Marketing To My Family And Friends I Became More Attractive To Them!

I started to attract people I didn’t know to my Network Marketing business and when I did that I had success. And a funny thing began to happen‚ my family started to be attracted to me also. So I think that it is reverse of what needs to happen. At least for me‚ I had to learn to attract first‚ before I introduced it to My close relations‚ and then it became easy to sell my Network Marketing to my family and friends! Now my sons in particular beg to get invol


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