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multiple steams of income in network marketing

You Need Multiple Steams Of Income In Network Marketing Not One Basket

I Have Learned To Have Multiple Streams Of Income In Network Marketing Because Early On I Lost It

Yesterday I talked about being a survivor in Network Marketing and really this is a continuation of that discussion! When you have multiple steams of income in network marketing you have security. Think about it when you depend just on one stream, if something happens to it you lose it all and have to start from scratch. It has happened to many of the people that are successful now but many have never been able to come back once they lost it all either! We were taught to have one good job do your best and your retirement would take care of you, but my friend the world has changed while you were not looking! I talked about Lady Gaga in my video briefly, because it is a good analogy everyone goes Gaga over one type of income steam and they think they can’t have more than one, that is not actually what is taught by the leaders that really made it big they had multiple steams of income in network marketing to provide a safety net!

How To Have Multiple Streams Of Income In Network Marketing

Now I am not advocating 2-3-4-6 other network marketing companies, because it just doesn’t work. I think people get really confused about that and what is meant by multiple steams of income in network marketing. I mean actually adding affiliate streams along side their network marketing income. I introduced the supermarket concept in a previous post.

Especially on the internet, people need marketing tools they need training, and here is where I can help you! It’s important to make your multiple steams of income in network marketing be things that a particular niche market actually is looking for! And how do you know what they are looking for? Because of the searches being done every month on google! Yes you would have to get somewhat proficient in finding out what they are asking about. Or…

You Could Use A System That Has Multiple Streams Of Income In Network Marketing Already Built In!

This is what I did, I know its very hard to try to figure out all the things and create your own ala-cart system. I talk about that syndrome of putting all of your eggs in one basket in my video today and why multiple streams of income in network marketing most particularly is important today in my latest video.  I care about what happens to you and wouldn’t want to see you lose your hard earned efforts all over again! So now that you understand that, my recommendation is to get the already put together for you system My Lead System Pro, there is products already there for you to offer and training on how to do it all!

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