How Important Is It To Your MLM Business To Remember And Say Or Write A Prospects Name Correctly

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Since as always my posts are about helping you achieve more success in your MLM Business that is again the motive behind this post today. To start out I was doing some postings in my Facebook marketing as part of my morning routine for my marketing‚ and this post is late because I was realizing I needed to change what I was going to post today and address a very important issue I see a lot.

So To Give You An Idea How Important Is It To Your MLM Business To Remember And Say Or Write A Prospects Name Correctly… On one of my posts someone wrote my name as Linda in response. If you didn’t realize this its not Linda its Lynda Maybe that doesn’t seem like a really big deal but it is to me. Why? Because my identity is around my name and where it came from which I won’t go into here.

Actually Remembering To Say Or Write A Prospects Name Correctly Right Away Begins to Create Rapport and Connection Which is Vital To Your MLM Business.

Yesterday I talked about how important it was in your mlm business to be aware of what we post (and say) because they make lasting impressions. I know myself‚ I can be forgetful of a name‚ and say the wrong one. I have to be very strict with myself because when I use the wrong name‚ or pronounce it wrong or write it wrong it is because I am distracted and not really paying attention. And it is a belief not a truth that someone cannot get good at remembering names‚ it is a skill.

Remembering To Say Or Write A Prospects Name Correctly Shows Honor To That Person!

There is nothing more important as we are constantly making connections with new people in our mlm business to do everything we can to make those connections count. And taking an extra moment to remember and use a persons name in a one to one conversation‚ or if like me sometimes in text on Facebook or skype writing the name correctly is vital to that person. What you are saying is I honor you‚ and esteem you as important to me.

I know when marketing in Social Media and I am working on my mlm business‚ I take extra care to look at how a name is spelled‚ and when speaking to them‚ I ask them to pronounce it for me if it is unusual. Now the major thing is to be communicating to potential MLM clients and distributors in their language. I will share more on that‚ in tomorrows post!


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