How To Have That All Important MLM Posture To Increase Your Sponsoring And Sales!

In the end …people only follow people who BELIEVE they are going somewhere. You are either leading or following. There is NOTHING in between.

Okay first of all let’s define what it is!

I heard a lot of people talk about it. Many think they know what it is‚ but we can boil it down to a few important words‚ integrity‚ confidence‚ belief and passion.

Posture is the manifestation of confidence in what you are doing‚ where you are going and the unwavering BELIEF that you’ll get there. People that have ‘posture’ exhibit an air of self-confidence about them.

Others want to be around them and be associated with them. People who have posture have leadership qualities that are apparent to all who meet them. When someone with posture talks to their prospects they are in complete control of the conversation.

Giving people direction in an easy way‚ which allows them to choose‚ but making it easy to feel like to follow is the right choice. Others gravitate towards this person.

Let’s also define what posture is not!

Arrogance is actually an anti-posture! Let me explain that‚ when someone is arrogant they have a disdain for others they have set themselves above others. They have a belief that they are better‚ and that comes across in their attitude and behavior.

Bossy is not necessarily the way that someone with posture behaves. You can help someone by directing but not the “my way or the highway” approach. No one likes to feel like they are being pushed around. I used to hear that phrase “fake it til you make it!”

Many people have interpreted that to mean to lie‚ to fake your success. That couldn’t be further from the truth of what real MLM posture is. So posturing is not lying‚ so let’s make sure we make that distinction.

So it’s important to know when posture crosses into lying so you can avoid that. I heard one well known leader recently on a call talk about how it was okay not to go out and buy the expensive toys like cars before the MLM income actually made that possible.

While it might feel good to have them‚ if you are creating an illusion to help make people think you have arrived at success then you are lying. If you are making claims about something you have done‚ or something you have achieved it’s a lie.

How to start to have posture

Since posture means everything to your business and you don’t know how to have it‚ what can you do now to start to have it? You have to use your imagination to see yourself where you want to be‚ and you have to use that thought pattern when you are interacting with your prospects.

You never make these claims of what you want to be to them‚ they are for you‚ so you can increase your personal worth inside because as you hear all the time‚ everything begins with your thoughts.

During the process of beginning to build your business‚ you will make many many mistakes‚and its not that you make them that matters but how you decide to handle them that matters. Can you still see yourself as the winner‚ even if there is no outward evidence yet? Can you begin to build that confidence inside?


Confidence is a word that is often over used‚ but let’s talk a little about it. Confidence is notcocky. I have seen a whole lot of that.

It’s that knowing inside that even if your bank account doesn’t reflect it today‚ that if you continue to build yourself‚ and take the action you will reach the goals and dreams. And it’s also the belief that no one person is going to help you get there.

It’s the ability to not be attached to the outcome with one particular person. And it’s the belief in what you are doing to the point that no one can bring you down‚ or shake that confidence.

Having posture means having dignity‚ self-respect‚ and faith in yourself and whatever product/opportunity/service you are promoting.


Integrity is a word that many have decided to erase out of their vocabulary‚ or they have replace with another word authentic. But whether you want to call it authentic or integrity

I feel its even more important in today’s transparent world with the internet. We see all the time someone saying something in Twitter or Facebook‚ that comes back to bite them. It’s about being so true to your core‚ that nothing will move you from that.

Well let’s illustrate that: If someone asks you to come over to their company and they will build a downline for you‚many would jump at that chance. I will never be attracted to that‚ and here is why: My downline would not be able to re-createthat‚ and therefore my success would be a lie. I would not be integrity would I?

When we look back at our past behavior we have to be responsible for everything that we do. There is no justification for lying or cheating in anything regardless of what might be the reward for that.

And I stand by that‚ even if it means it takes longer to reach my goals. That is what integrity is‚ and I highly recommend that any business person who wants a lasting business take that seriously.

Belief and Passion

This part is the easy part‚ we must believe in what we are doing and we must be passionate about it. Because I believe in what I am doing‚ hours go by without my even realizing it. I love what I am doing‚ I love helping people.

The money just naturally follows if you have this part. Personally‚ I wouldn’t be able to sell something I wasn’t passionate about either. Being passionate about your product obviously creates somewhat of a posture‚ even if you still need practice in that area.

Posture helps tremendously‚ but I’m sure we’ve all lost it on a call or an email‚ and still nailed the sale. People relate to the authenticity (just being real) of what others are saying‚ and people gravitate toward truth.

You must have all of the above words with this though. Just passion and belief alone causes a zealot that splews over people and makes them run the other way.

But combine Belief‚ Passion‚ Integrity‚ and Confidence‚ and you begin to have the posture that makes you create your success! You can never pretend to have this belief and passion‚I have left a company more than once‚ because I didn’t have confidence and belief in either the leadership‚ or the products.


Last I would say this is not something you have automatically the first day but develops over time. So be patient with yourself and give yourself the time it takes to develop it!

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To Your Abundant Success!!

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