Most People Can’t Even Show A Jar Of Loose Change

Most people don’t even have one jarful.. of extra money..

Its a very precarious place to be!

Most people have only one source of income.. and two if its a couple and they both work..

And one thing that has been sold to many who are striving to build a business (especially in the MLM world) that you can work part time to replace that income and quit..

And then just rely on that as you income and your retirement

But what happens if that company breaks all of its promises and closes their doors?

What then happens to that dream?

It happens all the time!

It happened to people I care about just recently!

I was glad when that happened that it was not my only possibility..

That before that happened I had learned about diversifying…

If you look at anyone who is rich.. they do not put all of their money in one place..

They have their money in many places working to create more..

In a job.. and even in some MLM’s there is no diversification.. and if something happens to that income..

You are done.. you have to decide whether you can build your faith up in another company.. and unfortunately many stop doing that and give up their dreams..

Don’t get me wrong I am not bad-mouthing network marketing.. its a great profession.. just the thought process of not diversifying is what is often wrong..

Putting all of your hopes and dreams into one company… and then getting them dashed..

So here is a better plan..

Sure have that company…

But also have other flows of income..

Diversify so that if one fails..

You are not dead in the water!

One of the major things we teach in the VIP Lounge and by the way its not a new concept

Its also taught by the people who have become rich… like Robert Kiyosaki.. and Donald Trump…

Learn to be wise and grow it from many sources..

And if you would like to be in our community..

We have one pretty simple one that is only $25 one time.. and it fills that mason jar pretty fast!

Ask me about it!

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To Your Abundant Success!!

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