Sharing How To Build MLM From A Mile-High Perspective

Hi my fellow readers and new visitors to my blog and welcome all. Today I am going to talk about how to keep going and how to build MLM from a Mile-High perspective even in the summer.

And regardless of what altitude you actually live in‚ how to build MLM from the perspective of Mile-High thinking. This one is going to go deep‚ although I hardly ever do fluff posts.

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How To Build MLM From A Mile-High Perspective

Here we are in the middle of summer practically‚ at least it feels that way to me. Now I bet you are thinking this is another one of those promotions‚ and in a way it is‚ but it is also a way of thinking about things a bit differently! While a lot of people are thinking vacations during the summer‚ I am thinking about all the new mlm growth and building that I will be involved in all summer long. Oh‚ don’t worry I will also be having a lot of fun‚ and there are several trips in the planning as well!

One of the ways I build MLM from a Mile-High Perspective is to attend events frequently

The next one up is the very intimate event that is coming up the end of the week right here in Mile High Denver! You can be part of that‚ I don’t get any money for telling you about it but it is going to be a very intimate and concentrated event‚ (frankly they are not charging enough) Read more about it HERE. I won’t go into details here because if you are interested you would have already clicked that link. (but finish reading this post first because it will help you!)

 How to Build MLM From A Mile-High Perspective Is Really A Mile-HighMindset!

So what do I mean by how you can build MLM from a Mile-High Perspective? I already share one‚ did you catch it? (Hint 1 in last header‚ attend mlm events frequently)

Out west here we don’t do anything small! We dream big‚ we work hard and we play just as hard. I spent the whole of Saturday with my daughter in first La Junta‚ Colorado‚ then to  Pueblo‚ Colorado for a full buffet dinner and barbecue celebrating a huge event in her life‚ her graduation from the Nursing Program in Otero Junior College.

Not once during that evening did I feel a compulsion to rush over to the nearest computer or my phone to find out if my online network marketing was doing okay. It is because I set much of it up to operate without me or like many like to call it “On Auto-Pilot.”

You see when I first got started I was probably much like you and building MLM was a full-time job that left no time for fun‚ recreation or peace of mind.

(Hint 2 while building don’t forget to have fun)

Maybe you can relate? I was always trying lots of things‚ much of which I found out to my horror not only didn’t work but actually created more work‚ and more worry.

It would be real easy to give up. But there was something inside that told me that there was a “Better Way” to build MLM! That is when I discovered the Mile High Perspective for myself.

I am not going to go into detail here because today is not to tell you about anything‚ (so put your wallet away) but to get you to start thinking differently.

(Hint 3 don’t stop experimenting‚ and trying things‚ and build with what works!)

I have shared many key things about how to build your blog in the series about Ray Higdon’s Problog Academy (but you can pick up one of the pieces here :)‚ and you can go and learn more from here: Part 1‚ Part 2‚ Part 3‚ Part 4. Again‚ although I included those links‚ you will not be able to buy it‚ it has been removed from the shelf.

You could probably if you read and applied‚ get a good basis to get your blog started right just from my posts. And actually that is only a small part of what I shared about how you can build your MLM blog and therefore you MLM presence online!

(Hint 4 don’t practice a minimal mindset‚ always invest in yourself!)

So today to start bringing you thinking up to a Mile-High Perspective‚ its all about believing you will succeed‚ making sure you have the CORRECT information on how to setup your business online‚ and if you are technically challenged why do it yourself‚ find someone to help you that is technically savvy!

If you are looking for a successful MLM mentor that can steer you in the right direction‚ teach you about online network marketing‚ and attraction marketing‚ and lead generation do not hesitate to contact me on that pop-up contact widget on the right!

(Hint 5 always connect with mentors that will pull you up!)


To Your Abundant Success!!

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