Learn From Others Even Those Not In Your Own Team

“Leaders are readers” We hear that one all the time‚ but there is another aspect: Leaders are learning from others all the time‚ and not just limiting themselves to those just in their own team.

Be careful to not limit yourself to only someone in your own line of sponsorship. I have found is that it is important to learn from others even if they are not in your company or line of sponsorship.

Sometimes your mentor will not be from your company. Sometimes you May need to have masterminds from outside what you are getting from your company training. That is at least what I found from my own experience.

MLM Skills Training For Leadership — learn from others even those not in your own team was recorded in the summer of 2010. I think this was the beginning of the transition I went through to not just stay deep into the cocoon of the business I was in but to go out and find the right leadership for me!

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