I Learned How To Love The Network Marketing Team To Success!

In The Beginning I Was The Only One To Love The Network Marketing Team

You are probably trying to figure out what I could be talking about “Love My Network Marketing Team To Success?” Yesterday I talked about how to control your emotions in your network marketing team building! If you have not been a mentor a team leader this May be strange to you.

But what I am talking about is to be able to see your network marketing team where they can be! You can’t do their work for them‚ you have to give them clear directions and steps to achieve what they want!

First there was one… Then at the beginning when I was just starting out I had a mentor. I have had good ones and not so good ones!

As you will see in my video today I will talk about a missing ingredient that needs to be in your process with your network marketing team.

But I will give you a little story first. When I first started out like most people I had never been in network marketing before let alone have my own network marketing team.

In the beginning my mentor had to give me assignments and help me get into the habit of doing certain activities that would grow me into a leader.

One of the first things that happened was that I got put on leadership calls. Well I bet the majority have not had that happen. Of course I was so scared‚ I used to be scared at anything‚ in fact they called me “The Lady From The Mountains of Colorado‚ Scared Of Her Own Shadow”. I really didn’t like that title‚ so maybe that was the first “love” a little goad to make me want to be thought of as a leader.

Remember this was before I had my own Network Marketing Team. Then a network marketing team began.. I set my first goal‚ and it was lofty. We had a leader board that was the top 20. They were the ones who reached the top volume of the month.

The average was 20‚000. So my first goal was to reach that board and hit the top of it. Of course that meant that I had to build my own Network Marketing team.

So I went to work‚ and guess what? I did reach that goal! So can you guess who was the first team member? Yes it was me! Before you can build your own network marketing team you have to nurture yourself!

I Became A Leader And I Started Building My Own Network Marketing Team

In order to reach that 20‚000 volume it required learning those skills such as retail sales‚and recruiting. It was not easy‚ and it was scary! And one of the first times I was on one of those calls we did for our new people I was petrified.

But over time I began to look forward to them‚ I began to love the new network marketing team that I was building. I began to know them‚ and what they needed.

I began to share with them the success I had and how so that they could follow. I began to see them where they could be. And so we talk about love today on Valentine’s Day. This is a different kind of love‚ the ability to see them where they could be‚ to help them catch the vision!

How To Become A Leader And Start Building Your Own Network Marketing Team

When you sponsor someone into your organization you have a moral obligation to teach them how to grow their business (as long as they are open to your assistance‚ of course). In my book what that means is that you teach them everything you know and support all that they are doing to begin their business.

As a good leader of a network marketing team‚ you want to share information‚ motivate‚ facilitate and educate your team. I can share with you today that My Lead System Pro is What Is Working Now for all Of my Team and everyone really killing it on the internet!

Here is the thing I would like you to get from this today: you first must love and nurture yourself. You must nurture your dream. You must set goals for yourself.

And you must take action in order to start building your own network marketing team. Then you have to start seeing through their eyes‚ what they want and then help them map out a plan‚ it is not enough to recruit– there are many out there that preach that‚ you must help them‚ build them and yes love them enough to show them give them a path‚ and then watch your own network marketing team take it and grow!

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