Learning To Say Yes Is An Important Step

If we are used to saying no I can’t I won’t and any other such words‚ then how can we expect to be successful in network marketing?

This might sound a bit funny. But it is a proven fact that we have heard no many thousand times by the time we are a grown up. I don’t know the statistics and that is not what is important. What is important is that if we have been told no‚ it stands to reason that we do the same to ourselves!

Think about it do you say things like these following phrases: I can’t afford it I shouldn’t I can’t I won’t I don’t know how I don’t see how I just can’t see it Well you get the idea. We say things to ourselves like that‚ and we continue to hear things like that from others all day long‚day in and day out!

So is it any wonder that we are not having success? We are denying ourselves of that success? What needs to happen is to start saying yes. I know I can I am good at this I deserve this I see myself at the top So just small changes in our language‚ and I mean that conversation we are constantly having inside of our head can change everything. I know because I have done it for myself!

I share more of that in today’s video:


To Your Abundant Success!!

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