There Is Less Fear When You Have All the Training In Place

For Every MLM Excuse There Is Someone That Got MLM Results.

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Don’t just talk it my friend… Walk It. You won’t motivate your team‚ unless you are inspiring them by your own action! Lynda Cromar

This is not going to be that fluffy feel good post. But I want to give you key points to get you thinking about how you can turn excuses into MLM results. Yesterday I talked about how someone can get to the point where they can walk away from something and do something that they want. The post before that was the MLM Secret that we can all apply! Finally last week I talked about sound MLM Business Practices that will help you. All of these will supplement today. Today I am going to talk to you about how to turn your mlm excuses into a mlm challenge to get mlm results. Now what I mean by that is that we can either be stopped by our excuses‚ or we can Decide that we are going to get MLM Results. In my photo‚ I actually had a really crappy camera that most of the time ruined my film‚ but this key shot I have used over and over‚ it is a triple exposure. I love it because it shows three stages that you can be at and you choose. The bottom where I am standing‚could be the excuses that keep you from even starting‚ the second level could be people that have come part of the way and stopped‚ and the third near the top is those who are climbing and taking on the challenge. They have made the decision to not let excuses keep them from achieving mlm results!

Key Points On Getting MLM Results

The Olympics is such a great place to see people who have gotten results even when they could make excuses. There is always someone who has done it I was especially impressed by Oscar‚ the double amputee that ran right along side the others and made the finals We can find so many that can inspire us that have not let excuses get in their way

Make It A Point To Make A Decision To Get MLM Results

  • Once you make a decision then you have to follow through
  • It won’t immediately take away the challenge
  • You May be challenged because you have to prove you are serious
  • Look carefully at what you say to yourself and to others about your belief and your perception about your limitations
  • Learn what you have to learn
  • Persist and continue and learn from your first stumbles
  • Expect it to happen but don’t expect it to be instant

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