Why Its Important To Go To Events Like No Excuses!


Why Learning Is So Critical In MLM Live Events

Why are live events important?

You are seeing it all over the internet‚ talk about No Excuses Summit! And you are probably asking yourself why you should go and what could possibly be in it for you to go! I used to think that way too! Its easy to focus on what it costs versus what can be gained.

I learned though fairly early on that it was important to invest in my education in this industry and events like No Excuses Summit is the cream of the crop in that regard. There are really only a few events each year in which you can go and meet the top industry leaders and seeing them live is so very important.

This weekend I will be attending the Live The Dream II event in Orlando‚ Florida‚ and maybe that will be a bit of a confusion because I talk so much about the Better Web Builder system. I am going to both learn and to grow. It is very important to be where the real leaders dwell and right now those people know about internet marketing.

The second reason why I went and am going again is the associations. In the landmark book“Think And Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill talks about the mastermind and how important that is to your ability to build your own Richness both in mind‚ and in the bank account!

Here in the No Excuses Summit will be some of the finest examples of those kinds of associations. Now of course when you go to your own MLM event‚ you will have the opportunity to meet and greet the leaders of your own company‚ and of course I encourage that.

What I did at the beginning of my career is only go to those events. When I found out though that there were bigger horizons and people that would teach and train in a generic way (not company specific) I learned so much more about how I could create a lot more than build just my own network marketing company.

Come Prepared To Learn

I always come prepared to learn and grow. I am committed to always becoming more. It’s a great place to ask questions and pick up new skills. It’s a great place to really learn because you are in a learning environment.  It is also about alignment with others with the same mind-set. So much of the time our usual environment is not conducive to learning and growing.

Specials At The Event

Most times the leaders will have event specials and break-out sessions that you just won’t get unless you attend. I have gotten things that are priceless at very reduced costs by attending. Quite often you also get the opportunity to get into the inside circle of leaders yourself.

Taking It Back To Your Team

A very valuable asset of attending is what you have now gained that you can share with your team. You have now created more value in yourself that makes you far more attractive than ever before. It then becomes your commitment and obligation to bring back that learning and apply and share with your own team.

Dedication and Commitment

There are really very few networkers and internet marketers that truly realize the amount of dedication and commitment it really takes. All of your old paradigms are obsolete. You must be willing to finally step into that new place it starts with your own personal commitment to growth then that must be transferred to those who are in your team.

Your Home Work

Go to live events and make sure to absorb and implement! Many have failed because they didn’t have a good system to help them win‚ that is why I always offer you this lead generation system to help you win!

My thoughts on Learning and Growing In Live MLM Events


To Your Abundant Success!!

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