Network Marketing Is Changing

And you must be willing to change with it. While its great to do the old-school‚ and most do recommend it‚ the internet is changing everything. In case you didn’t really get the memo‚ we have entered a new era call the information age. It is no longer about Industry‚ that world is dying.

That is why so many big companies that have been around forever are now gone. Its not about the mega shopping mall either. That is also dead. So with all of those changes happening‚ it should not be a big surprise that Network Marketing needs to change with it.

You can tell because even the ones who have always done old-schooloff-line stuff‚ are embracing the new-age information era and using the internet to build even bigger.

You Either Compete Or You Join

So here we are talking about a live event‚ when the internet is king?

Yes because in live events you have a chance to make connections that you just would not be able to in just a webinar or Facebook.

While the online tools are great‚ what is really happening is a blending of the two.

Using the phone is still key‚ getting together in person‚ when possible is still a tool to use. That combined with conference calls and webinars‚ and social media creates an all-aroundcomplete tool box!

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