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Why are live events important?

I have heard a lot‚ I could even say I have heard it all‚ but I can always pick up new tidbits. Going to learn from your leaders‚ you can apply anything if you make up your mind. Go with a question. You will validate if its real and what they teaching is going to work. You will see real people that have been successful.

The Electricity

How do you even begin to describe it in words and I have just come off of the Live the Dream event in Orlando‚ Florida. How do you explain to someone who has never experienced it? It is not just hype it is not sales of products that gets people off of their chairs and ready to rock and build a huge business.

It is not even just the mere attending that does it either. Because I can tell you‚ I have seen people with their arms folded and they just don’t buy it. What is it then that not only draws a huge following to these events but also an all-star cast of the biggest movers and shakers of the whole industry? It is not just because people respect the people that put them on‚ but of course they do.

There is something really electric about being with those people‚ talking with them‚ JVing with them‚ counseling with them‚ taking pictures with them‚ listening to them sharing their stories. When you hear where they came from and where they are now‚ just a little seed of faith begins to grow‚ “maybe I can do that too. Maybe I can be that person up there telling my story.” You start to see the possibilities…

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