Why Live Events – Reason 13 – Commitment Is Important

You Either Compete Or You Join

So here we are talking about a live event‚ when the internet is king?

Yes because in live events you have a chance to make connections that you just would not be able to in just a webinar or Facebook.

While the online tools are great‚ what is really happening is a blending of the two.

Using the phone is still key‚ getting together in person‚ when possible is still a tool to use. That combined with conference calls and webinars‚ and social media creates an all-around complete tool box!

What I did at the beginning of my career is only go to those events. When I found out though that there were bigger horizons and people that would teach and train in a generic way (not company specific) I learned so much more about how I could create a lot more than build just my own network marketing company.

Dedication and Commitment

There are really very few networkers and internet marketers that truly realize the amount of dedication and commitment it really takes. All of your old paradigms are obsolete. You must be willing to finally step into that new place it starts with your own personal commitment to growth then that must be transferred to those who are in your team.

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