Why Belief Grows From Attending Live MLM Events

Back In Time

I went to my first event back in 1984 to Anaheim‚ CA on the Queen Mary. While I could talk a lot about the grandeur of that magnificent ship‚ it was not what stays with me today.

What stays with me today‚ is even though I did not stay in that original MLM‚ I developed an unshakable deep down core belief that Multi-level marketing was a real business and it was what I was destined to do for my life.

As You can see on this picture‚ it is the associations that will be the most memorable. Here I am also with my parents as we attended together on the Queen Mary for our first big Amway event!

Another cool side note about this ship‚ is that my grandfather was on this ship because the Queen Mary was deployed to assist in the efforts of the allies in World War II! So it was fun to realize that my grandfather who is now dead‚ walked those same halls!

Fast Forward

Just recently I went to the No Excuses In Las Vegas‚ NV. Again I can say that it increases the belief. I was not with my own team‚ I was by myself. I didn’t get verification about my own company‚ but what I got‚ was the belief that I was more than ever in the right place at the right time!


First of all‚ it is one of the only real ways to get a chance to make connection with the real big leaders in your company. To actually be able to sit at their feet and to learn from them‚ that is priceless!

It is actually priceless in my opinion‚ to hear their stories‚ even yes‚ their struggles‚ and how they actually overcame them and succeeded. Yes you can hear people on the phone or a webinar‚ and that helps‚ it’s just not as real as getting to be in the same room with them‚to have actual contact with them.

Feeling In Your Gut!

When I was able to attend that first early big event‚ then my gut said‚ this is right! And it continues to talk to me. In fact‚ for me a regular does no less frequently than a year is most necessary. When you are being told what to do and how to do it with those leaders that you admire‚ you start to believe it is also possible for you!

Seeing Yourself There!

It’s also about starting to see you becoming a leader yourself. You only have the ones in your own company as role models.

And while we have to give you a disclaimer here‚ please don’t turn them into idols. That is not healthy‚ they are still human. It’s more important to see them and say “If they can do it‚ so can I!” When your future “self” starts to see “you” there‚ it begins to happen. It’s not about wishful thinking‚ it’s about taking what they have shared‚ and applying it to you.

Now of course‚ you must modify it to fit you. Don’t become that person‚ but start to see you in the role of the leader and it happens faster than you think!

Applying That New Belief

Now you got to the event‚ and you got excited and now it is about taking some action! Belief is only as good as the action that you take. Make sure you start to write your own story!

Your Home Work

You go to MLM Events to increase your belief and see yourself there! Many have failed because they didn’t have a good system to help them win‚ that is why I always offer you this lead generation system to help you win!

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