Why Live Events – Reason 3– Always Attend Your Company Events

You know who are the leaders when they show up!

I remember my very first event for MLM I right away started with the excuses‚ well I remember what my mentor said‚ if you really want to grow and become a leader that deserves the big check you will show up‚ you will find a way. That has stuck with me and I have shown up ever since that first time!

8 Points Why Going To MLM Events Creates Leaders

We all have been told‚ (at least I have) how important events are to not only get the information‚ but it is vitally important to associate with the leaders and future leaders that will help propel your business to the next level.

Follow the leader

What qualities do we know leaders have that we want to follow to become leaders ourselves? That is a very important question to ask yourself! A leader must be a servant and a debtor. His first responsibility is to define reality and then say thank you.

Here is a list to start you off:

  1. Leaders are great followers as they followed great leaders to become leaders themselves (Every great leader has someone he has looked up to and learned from)
  2. Leaders are plugged in (attends events both the ones nearby and the ones that require travel)
  3. Leaders lead by example (he never expects of others what he wouldn’t do himself)
  4. Leaders take responsibility (he doesn’t ever waste time playing the blame game)
  5. Leaders have integrity (he knows the trust he builds with others is built on his own character and integrity)
  6. Leaders make themselves available (He sees himself as a leader and helper)
  7. Leaders have charisma (confidence and posture) He never hangs his success on anyone certain individual
  8. Leaders never quit. (If he fails temporarily he simply looks at it from another angle and keeps on going!

Sure you are going to get new tools and definitely encouragement and new belief. But I believe the most important thing is to pay attention to the pattern that leaders set and follow those patterns. If they do it and they learn things then that would be a good pattern to follow. Leaders always come to live events.

My Special Thoughts for You! You Home Work

Go to live events to learn how to be a leader from leaders! Many have failed because they didn’t have a good system to help them win‚ that is why I always offer you this lead generation system to help you win!

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