How Do We Achieve Longevity in MLM?

When I started in MLM I had some things that I needed answers about although I didn’t know how to articulate them:

  1. I had fears‚ fears of objections and rejections. And the big one fear of failure.
  2. I needed to tap into my dreams‚ crystallize them make them real so that I could believe they could happen.
  3. I needed to learn new things how to do this‚ we call them tools. Sometimes I have heard it called skill-sets.
  4. Was a vision of my future through results.

So key things here to create longevity:

  • Give our strength and belief for the new person as they grow and learn they will grow in their own belief and strength.
  • Help them with their fears‚ encourage them to take small steps‚ be with them as they do it‚ give them praise even for the smallest accomplishments.
  • Take the time to know what their dreams are so they know you care‚ how can you help them if you don’t know what they want in their life?
  • Give them regular training that they can participate in‚ give them things to work on in their own time.
  • Give them accountability‚ a time when they report their progress.
  • See them where you believe they can be!

To Your Abundant Success!!

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