I Stopped Having That Lottery Ticket Mentality In My MLM Network Marketing Business!

I will admit it I used to buy those tickets wishing I would hit the jack pot. I have seen the lines as I am sure you have at the convenience stores. It is a line of people so frustrated that they will buy a dozen or more tickets with their fingers crossed! So what does that have to do with your network marketing business? It is the same kind of mentality! Some are buying into a business but forgetting that it takes time and investment into yourself and your business to make it happen!

What Is The Next Thing That Happens? They Don’t Win‚So They Are Crushed And Angry!

I know when I first started out in My MLM Network Marketing company I didn’t really have an understanding of how it worked. And when I did earn some money I spent it right away.  Even when I won the lottery (small prize) I didn’t really have an appreciation of money or how it really worked. In My MLM Network Marketing company‚ I even won trips‚ but I didn’t yet have the skills‚ so everything that I thought I had built fell apart like a house of cards. It took sometime to build those skills. I admit that it took me quite a lot of pain and tears. I was frightened and even angry yes I admit it. I finally learned some skills that would help me attract those golden leads that could become distributors! It took skill and practice‚ even to share it with friends and family!

Change From That Lottery Mentality To The MLM Network Marketing Business Mindset

I have seen many distributors come and go‚ those who are really looking for the lottery ticket‚and those who get that it is a real business. More and more people are coming from the place of the employee to first time business owner but they have actually no idea really how to run a business. One thing for sure‚ you don’t blow your money on every shinny object that comes along.

Yes I have been guilty of that one at times too. And I have maxed out my credit cards more than once! I now know that gambling is not the way to build the business. It take that investment of time and all of your energy and faith. It takes tenacity because there will be failures. It takes being willing to burn the mid-nightoil‚ because I promise you that you will not get it over night. And those “winners” that you hear of that appear to have done it overnight‚went through a period of growth and development before that happened‚ I have seen it and can attest to that personally.

Taking Small Steps Everyday.. Is the Best Way And Build On That

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