What Message Are We Sending To Our Potential Clients And Distributors

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I want to help you to achieve more potential MLM clients and distributors so today’s post will help you to understand one particular thing that will be a deterrent and I hope you see how it could be potentially dangerous to your future as a marketer!

In our desire to create more MLM clients and distributors we must realize that our first and most important job is to serve their needs‚ not to push our own agenda! Now it May seem to be counter productive when in fact it is the single most important job that you have as a network marketer. Okay I posted this out on Facebook yesterday as I was seeing people pounding the issue about the political issues of the United States.

Now I know myself that my audience is not confined to the US but is an international audience. I wanted to address some things that are really important especially on the Social Medias such as Facebook. What message are we sending to our potential MLM clients and distributors when it comes to that message?

The agenda we have sent is that of pushing something we believe instead of being in service to their needs. Is it more important to us to pound our beliefs into them? Now this is not just about political issues but religious issues and even our business. When we continue to hammer our agenda‚ we stand the real chance of completely turning them off‚ and that would be for good!

What Do We Want To Do To Encourage Potential MLM Clients And Distributors?

While it is awesome to have strong views‚ there are places where they are appropriate and places where they are just not. I said in the post yesterday that to strong arm them into it‚will very likely cause them to run away the first chance they get. People will join a business or a cause based on their own reasons not because they were pushed into it.

In Order to Increase MLM Clients And Distributors It is Important To Learn The Skills Necessary

The most important thing when it comes to increasing our mlm clients and distributors is our first impression. It is really not magic but mathematical. When people are getting their needs met by you they will stay with you and follow you forever. In the online world‚ it gets a bit more tricky to increase your mlm clients and distributors‚ because they cannot use their eyes and some of their senses to feel you and make a judgement based on that. All they have to go by most of the time is the words that you type in a status. Those can very definitely be misinterpreted.

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