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How To Represent And Present Your MLM Business

In our mlm business it is important to learn the difference between passion and pitching!Creating the relationship with your prospect Let me start out by saying I know everyone loves their mlm business‚ and it goes without saying that there is passion. Here is the kicker‚there are many wrong ways to convey that; many of which‚ can actually create the totally opposite reaction than what you intended. I know absolutely‚ because I have used all of the wrong ones‚ maybe even invented a few wrong ones‚ lol!

Setting Off All The Alarms! The hard part is that there are little alarms that go off inside of us when we feel that we are being “pitched‚” or “sold” to. Sometimes quite often actually they happen innocently‚ even with the energy and enthusiasm that we project. In particular though there are key words that definitely set off those alarms! Some of them are: sell‚company‚ business‚ opportunity‚ work from home‚ etc‚ and there are often product alarms as well‚ probably too many to go into here.

So how do we give people an opportunity to share with them the mlm business without setting off those pesky alarms? One thing is to know that most people will not be ready for your full presentation whether face-to-face or on the internet‚ or a call before they first get to know you and trust you. Think about it for a moment‚ when you get a phone call from a salesman‚ and just after introducing himself‚ and often mispronouncing your name‚ he launches directly into his “speal‚” without even finding out anything about you or what might be of interest to you.

I always react negatively even if what they have to offer is good. I don’t know him‚ and I am very quickly developing a dislike‚ not exactly the reaction that you want‚ right?

Qualifying Your Prospect The best way to do that is to show a real sincere interest in them‚find out more about them‚ qualifying whether they are even a good candidate. What do I mean by that? If the only thing Jane Doe wants to talk about is the latest “Survivor” episode‚and shes bored about making a better life for herself‚ she May not be a good candidate. One thing I learned long ago is that you don’t really convince someone to join you. They make that decision based on feeling good about you‚ trusting you‚ and then opening up to learning more about what you have.

Contain The Excitement‚ Don’t Give It All At Once So when we want to share we are busting at the seams with excitement‚ we simply have to contain that a bit. Rein it back and let them come to us. Much of that happens over time and a little experience. I also know that they can only handle a small bit of information to peak their interest‚ then that is when you give them more‚ if they actually ask you for it‚ yes that can be done‚ you will want to know how! One of the many things I will cover in the Friday Facebook Mastermind!


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