MLM Business is Emotional How To Deal With MLM Business Emotions

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I know you want your own team to understand this better they will thank you  MLM Business is emotional how to deal with MLM business emotions it is really easy to get offended and totally sabotage your business. So this story is about how to destroy your business and team. I share some good ways to not let this happen.

We are dealing with humans‚ and humans are emotional! We are emotional beings doing business‚ we have to get good at managing our emotions for the sake of our MLM business.

I Just Have To Tell You Its Emotional!

Okay you just joined this new business thing and the first thing they ask you is your “Why?”

What the heck is that about? You have just stepped into a “twilight zone” of sorts.

At least that is what it felt like to me. And it wasn’t that long ago! Well in anywhere else in the world of work its just about getting that paycheck at the end of the week‚ the two week period‚ or sometimes a month. So what is this “WHY” and what importance does it play in the overall scheme of things?

The MLM Roller-coaster!

In MLM Network Marketing its very important to understand that we are dealing with people and their dreams. So its so important to be in touch with what your “Why” is. Its deeper than money.

It has to be something that gets you through all of your highs and all the lows‚ and its because you have a strong enough reason to push you through that. I see people all the time who lose their focus and drop out because they didn’t get this.

People come and go all the time‚ we can’t be focused on that but the burning reason or “why”that we are in this thing for. It has to be more compelling than just that paycheck at the end of the pay period.

Changing the Mindset!

Its a change in mind-set that most need to adopt. Its about building something inside that keeps you going through all the hurtles and challenges. I have to admit when I first got that question‚ it didn’t make a lot of sense! What do you mean my “Why”? But it became apparent as

I began to grow that its was imperative that I start to understand this‚ and dig deeper to find out what my own personal “driving force” was.

So your question needs to be‚ what drives you‚ what makes you do it when its not convenient. What get you out of bed‚ when you really want to sleep another hour‚ (and I don’t mean the alarm clock) but that inner urgency that drives you to do things that May be uncomfortable?

Those are the questions that you must ask yourself. That is when you break-through to that place where you become unstoppable.

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