Why MLM Faith Is Essential To Your Success!

A man of courage is also full of faith. -Marcus Tullius Cicero and I say:

I believe that you must have the kind of faith that challenges cannot break!

When the “Why” begins to be supported by Faith!

Yesterday we talked about that elusive but necessary why! Today lets talk about courage and faith. Many people are very afraid to actually take steps to build a business‚ mainly because of fear of failure. I have to say though‚ that there is no other way.

When Fear Closes In..

It has been my personal experience that whenever I have given up to fear‚ it closes in on me. It makes everything I do even more difficult.


Remember: Courage is not lack of fear‚ but the act of doing something inspire of fear. It is not that the thing becomes easier to do‚ but that as you are taking action that fear becomes less and less until it becomes something you can do comfortably.

A Bit Of Trust…

I know‚ I know‚ I heard all of that at first‚ and my reaction was‚ “But you don’t understand!”But no‚ trust me on this one‚ it was me that did not understand. That as long as I let fear hold me in that tight little place‚ I would shrink and diminish.

But the only way to change that was to take on that word they call Faith. I cannot promise you it will be easy‚ but I can promise you it will be worth it! When you are willing to step out of that fear into faith‚ first in the leaders and mentors‚ then in that business‚ and then last in yourself. When you can adopt even the measure of a “mustard seed” it can grow in you.

When Fear Is Replaced By Faith..

Does that mean that fear no longer exists? No‚ fear never completely goes away. But what starts to come to you more frequently is confidence. Confidence that there really is a way out of your troubles‚ and faith that you really do have the inner tools to make your “Why” a reality! Until tomorrow when we will take that next step..

Listen to the video I have for you today!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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