Recognizing And Creating Value

As an entrepreneur it is necessary and a profound obligation to bring value to the market place. First of all what is value? Value is a concept of worth. We often say “What is it worth‚ or what did it cost.”

We are really saying “What value is it to me?” We are all entrepreneurs marketing ourselves to the market place. We must earn the value of ourselves and the value of what we offer.

It is then our obligation to bring that value to the marketplace because the more value we bring to the market‚ the more we can charge for our services. Another thing that is important is the value is not primarily determined by us but by what is needed by our potential customers.

This applies as much to the actual sales of goods and services and to the enrollment of new people in you networking organization. If you have not tapped into the definition of value according to that prospect then it won’t matter how much value you find in it.

So to wrap up today:

Don’t bring your need to the marketplace‚ bring your skill. If you don’t feel well‚ tell your doctor‚ but not the marketplace. If you need money‚ go to the bank‚ but not the marketplace.  (and value) Jim Rohn

To Your Abundant Success!!

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